“The story of Château Maïme is the history of a promise”.
It is the story of a dream that we, the Sibran Garcia family, have been able to bring to life. 20 years ago, we decided to create a family vineyard within the Côtes de Provence appellation.
Since then, we have worked tirelessly to unearth the riches of this land.



“Born of our simple wish, Château Maïme has been built from boldness and our pursuit of perfection.”
Our property lies at the foot of the Massif des Maures, where almost 2000 years ago, Russian legionnaires planted the first vines and crafted the original rosé wine. In order to hand on our legacy to future generations, since 1998 we have renovated and replanted our initial vineyards along the southern edge of famous Via Aurelia.
Our domain contains a wealth of archaeological and religious remains. Its name, “Maïme” means “Maxime” in Provençal, and derives from the chapel built on the property during the Middle Ages and dedicated to Saint Maxime.



“We have succeeded in creating the wine we were hoping for.”
Plot by plot, plant by plant, each element that today makes up our domain has been carefully selected with the clear intention of bringing out the very best our land can produce and of creating a unique wine. With each passing year, we have cultivated our varietals on each carefully selected plot to ensure that they yield the most beautiful aromas possible.




“Our know-how is based upon experience.”
Our most precious secrets about the vines and assemblage have come to us over the course of time through our work and experiments. We have made a conscious effort to be and to remain a vineyard on a human scale in order to ensure full control over the quality of our wines
Each year, our winemaker, Jean-Louis Sibran, and his team accompany the grapes from their harvest to their maturation in a passionate quest for harmony and balance.






“It is essential to avoid resting on our laurels.”
For Château Maïme, the alliance between winemaking tradition and technology has always been viewed as a guarantee of quality for our wines. In order to preserve the full aroma of our fruit, we harvest our grapes mechanically at night. Thus, the coolness maintained during picking ensures that our juices retain all of their precious qualities along with their subtle aromas.



“The vine is a veritable living patrimony.”
Out of respect for nature, so fundamental to our activity, we have chosen to practice sustainable agriculture that complies fully with the cycles of nature. Grass is grown naturally between the vines to allow better airing of the soil and to promote competition for water if the need arises.



“Our vineyard is the fruit of time.”
The singular character of Château Maïme has been forged by balancing winegrowing know-how with the simple sweetness of life that pervades the domain. 2017 marked the start of a new chapter in the history of the vineyard. With our vines reaching excellent maturity, we created new vehicles through which they may express themselves thanks to three new wines: Instant, Heritage and Origine.